Curated Life Magazine - Issue 4

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As we mark the second year of Curated Life magazine, I am filled with gratitude. I would like to send a special thank you to all our contributors, masterclass speakers and sponsors throughout the year. Our success would not be possible without the gift of your talents and time. A special thanks also to Magazines Canada for recognizing our publication at the 2017 Mag Grand Prix and showcasing our success story earlier this month. It is truly an honour to be so warmly welcomed into Canada’s magazine industry.


When I started this project, I could not imagine what it has now become. Curated Life Magazine is more than just paper. Our magazine is a community, an experience and a living document. Throughout these pages you will find the stories of #bossbabes like you – their struggles, triumphs, strategies and reflections. Stories that I hope inspire you to follow your own dreams and empower you to curate a life that fulfills your purpose.


This is empowered lifestyle. You’ll find that we write about facials on one page and finances on the next. This is because I believe a woman is best empowered when she is economically empowered. As millennial women, we want you to be truly confident from within; moving forward in the direction of your dreams. That’s why there is a strong emphasis on building entrepreneurial skills throughout Curated Life’s editorial and events.


In this, our Power + Influence issue, you will read about entrepreneurs who have transformed their blogs into full-time businesses, how to close Canada’s tech gender gap, and how to build “wellth”. You will be introduced to #bossbabes who are using technology to advance their business. And you will also learn how to host your own Boss Babes’ Night In and enjoy the comforts of hygge while you set your goals for the year ahead. Looking forward to seeing you again when our masterclass series resumes. Until then continue to…  

Define your Curated Life,