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Codage Paris Sample Kit Review

(C) 2015 JuleChu Lifestyle

(C) 2015 JuleChu Lifestyle

I can’t remember exactly where I first saw Codage Paris, but I remember that its distinct laboratory-inspired aesthetic really resonated with me. I always loved science; I miss using pipettes and wearing my lab coat. To me, science and natural beauty were never a dichotomy. When I ran out of Chanel’s HydraBeauty serum I wanted to try Codage before replenishing. But, I could not find Codage at any Canadian retailers. And I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the buy considering the exchange rate, overseas shipping and duties.  So, I decided to try out their sample kit along with the travel-sized scrubbing cream (Crème Gommante) instead.

And after a little bit of research, I found a few more reasons to love this brand. Codage Paris was established by French siblings, Julien and Amandine Azencott. Prior to starting Codage, the pair worked as consultants connecting cosmetic brands with the top cosmetic labs in France. When starting this venture, they set Codage’s core values: maximum efficiency, customized products, dedicated service and respect for nature. The brand’s essence is a blend of the traditional French pharmacy and modern advance skincare research. And their products are paraben and phthalate-free. Codage’s products aim to cleanse, treat and nourish skin. Their flagship product is a customized serum. You can create your customized serum using their online “diagnostic tool” to find the “prescription” that suits your skin’s specific needs (and it comes in a cute monogramed bottle).

The products I’ve used from my sample kit are the Serum № 1 and the Crème Gommante. Serum № 1 is formulated with ingredients that have hydration, antioxidant, and antipollution properties. The serum provides intense nourishment that makes skin soft but more resilient by improving skin integrity. When testing it out I poured the 1 ml contents into a small container. I was surprised that such a small amount gave me three uses. To see how my sensitive skin would react, I wore the serum with no makeup and no additional moisturizers on top.  With the serum alone, my skin felt appropriately hydrated (not greasy) and looked radiant. I even received a few compliments about my skin from people surprised that I wasn’t wearing any foundation. The Crème Gommante (scrubbing cream) is designed to exfoliate, soothe and provide radiance. It is an emulsion of fine rice particles that gently exfoliates to remove impurities and dead skin. It is not abrasive or drying like the apricot scrub I usually use. And I found it worked well with my sensitive skin. I’m still working my way through the sample kit, but so far I’m very impressed!

If you’re interested in giving Codage Paris a try, you can order a sample kit here. The samples are free, but you have to pay for shipping. There are also travel-sizes available if you're looking for a little more. And I'm excited to share today that there is a special promo code for Friday, November 27th (until midnight). Use WHITEFRIDAY15 at checkout and you will save 30% off of your order (doesn't apply to prescription kits or minis). I've been waiting for an offer like this to pick up a full-sized product. I thought it would be a good time to post this review so you that if you're interested, you can take advantage of this offer too. Let me know what you think of Codage if you do purchase.

This was not a sponsored post. The thoughts expressed are honest and my own.



(c) 2015 JuleChu Lifestyle

(c) 2015 JuleChu Lifestyle

Last winter was probably the worst my skin has ever seen. It was irritated, reddened, and dry. And it make matters worse, my usually clear skin was breaking out. I tried a few different cleansers, but those cleaners made the dryness worst. I then tried to compensate with heavier moisturizers, but those made the break-outs worst. I was stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of bad skin and not even spa facials were helping. Around this time, I received an email invitation to have a complimentary skin consultation at Chanel. It was a timely answer to my skin’s prayers.

I was more familiar with Chanel for its iconic fragrances than for its skin care line. So I didn’t really have any big expectations. I thought face soap was just face soap. But I was so wrong and have been using this regimen ever since. This is a spotlight on my top three favourite Chanel products.

Cleanser Mousse Douceur

The first step of my regimen is cleansing with mousse douceur. I only need to use a pea-sized amount mixed with water to get a good cleanse. It works to gently purify my sensitive skin from pollutants and makeup, without striping moisture from my skin. It contains tulip tree extract and mallow extract that help balance moisture and protect the skin’s integrity. I wash my face with this cleanser twice a day. But for a deeper detox, I use a red clay masque every couple of weeks.

Toner Lotion Confort

Next I use the lotion confort, which is an alcohol-free, hydrating toner. A small squirt on cotton gives my face an extra cleanse and soothes my skin. I pay extra attention to the more oil-producing spots of my face like my nose and forehead when using this toner. It makes my skin feel more refreshed and helps minimize my pores.

Serum Hydra Beauty Microserum

Of the whole regimen, this seemed to make the biggest difference. I went through two samples before finally deciding to buy the (pricey) full-size product. I use one pump to moisturize my face, neck and décolletage. The serum is made of an exclusive blend of camellia and blue ginger. It’s light and not greasy at all. It leaves my face feeling smooth and hydrated all day long.

During my consultation at Chanel, the consultant used also the Hydra Beauty cream on one side of my face and Le Lift cream on the other to compare the results. I preferred the Hydra Beauty side because, on top of the microserum, that cream made my face look naturally dewy and radiant even without any makeup on. I didn’t buy the cream in the end because I was finishing up another moisturizer I had at home. But I can easily see myself purchasing it in the future.

This is not a sponsored post. The thoughts expressed are honest and my own.