Curated Life Magazine - Issue One


When I launched this venture, my mission was to curate empowering lifestyle events and media content for millennial women. I’m not a business guru, I’m just a young woman like you trying to curate the best life possible for myself. To me, curating your life means carefully choosing what you allow to shape your identity, atmosphere, relationships and sense of well-being. It is about realizing your worth and making choices that uphold your worth. You live full of hope for your future and curate your present life accordingly. In essence, it is a lifestyle of empowerment. As illustrated by social determinants of health, a woman is best empowered when she is economically empowered; that’s why there is a strong emphasis on women’s entrepreneurship throughout each Curated Life project.

According to recent research, millennial women entrepreneurs face a unique set of challenges due to being both young and women. These challenges include difficulty with business planning, lack of confidence, and lack of financial literacy and limited access to venture capital. When I read these facts, it was almost like reading a checklist of my past experience with entrepreneurship. This is why my intention is to connect you to a community and resources that will help you start and/or grow a prosperous business.

Curated Life magazine is something I dreamed of putting together for years. I filled notebook after notebook with ideas, before mustering enough courage to begin the work. In this publication, I hope to capture the essence of the supportive sisterhood of our Curated Life events in a way that could be shared online and in print. I hope that something in this issue will resonate with you and encourage you to take the next step forward in following your own dreams.

I would also like to extend a special thanks to everyone who has supported this project thus far.  Thank you to all our contributors who volunteered their time and content; this inaugural issue would not have been possible without your help. Thank you to everyone who attended our launch event and the sponsors who provided the goodies that made the day so special. Thank you to Masthead magazine and everyone who have shared the magazine on social media. And a huge thank you to anyone who has purchased a print copy of the magazine through Blurb. I realize printing the magazine through a “print-on-demand” service like this makes the magazine an expensive purchase. I genuinely appreciate that you’ve made an extra effort to support this project with a purchase. I’m currently looking into ways to fund and distribute future issues in a way that will make the magazine more affordable and accessible. Until then you can continue to read and download digital version for free here.

We have so much to look forward to for the rest of the year. I’m pleased to announce our masterclass series will resume and be held bi-monthly starting in July. We already have some awesome speakers and gift bag items lined up. Tickets for July’s event will be on sale soon; follow @curatedlifeca on Instagram to be the first to see the announcement.

Below are a few photos of my favourite articles in this issue. What article was your favourite? Let me know using the hashtag #mycuratedlife on Instagram and Twitter. I’m looking forward to your feedback. Ttys.