She's the Boss: Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship

Photography by @sincerelyimage

Photography by @sincerelyimage

As an extension of our power + influence issue, we hosted our second-annual panel event called “She’s the Boss: Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship”. The event celebrated Toronto-based, millennial women entrepreneurs as we marked Global Entrepreneurship Week, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and Curated Life magazine’s 2nd anniversary.

The panelists who took part in the discussion  were Jessica Ching (co-founder of Eve Medical), Janelle Hinds (founder of Helping Hands App), Brittny Skylar Robins (founder and CEO of Flawless by Friday) and Lisa Zamparo (Chartered Professional Accountant). Each panelist is a Toronto-based, millennial woman entrepreneur with an inspirational start-up story and a mission to empower women.

Jessica Ching Eve Medical

In today’s political climate, there is a lot of discussion about women’s empowerment and women’s rights - from equal pay to birth control access. We discussed how entrepreneurship fits into the equation as a tool for women’s empowerment and how women’s empowerment can be incorporated into ones’ business practice. We also discussed challenges and opportunities for young women entrepreneurs. We also discussed what should be done at a macro or micro level to provide better opportunities for woman entrepreneurs. 

The event took place at Sandbox by DMZ in Toronto, Canada. Guests enjoyed refreshments courtesy of Panago Pizza and Just Craft Soda. Entertainment was provided by Nora Tones courtesy of the 194 Group. Registered guests  also enjoyed access to this issue’s gift bag. 


Our November 2017 gift bag featured #bossbabe essentials that pair well with this issue. Bonus: many of these brands are Canadian and/or women-founded.   

Flawless by Friday. Created by our panelist Brittny Skylar Robins, the Flawless in 15 Eye Rescue Mask with honey and gold works to depuff and hydrate the delicate skin under your eyes. Available at Hudson’s Bay or
Way of Will is a modern aromatherapy system for active lifestyles based here in Toronto. The line includes moisturizing body oils like 07 Breather with cedar wood and grapefruit. Available at

Pura Botanicals Overnight Garden Mask is a clarifying herbal mask made of rich, natural ingredients like cucumber, sweet basil and rosemary. Available at

lilah b. is a streamlined colour collection of luxurious, multi-purpose products that simplify your beauty routine. Divine Duo™ for lip and check is now available exclusively in Canada at

Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Oil works to help minimize scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Bio-Oil is easily absorbed without clogging pores. Available at Shopper’s Drug Mart

Nest Fragrances is a collection of fine, botany-inspired fragrances for the body and the home. Available at Sephora, Nordstrom  and

Tealeaves Jet Lag Kit contains two teas: Energy and Relax- one to drink before your flight and one to drink when you land. Both are packaged in a pyramid-shaped tea bag; making it easy to enjoy high-quality whole leaf tea on-the-go. Available at

Squish Candies. These gourmet gummies are made with high-quality ingredients and come in a curated collection of flavors from cocktail and decadent to fruity and intense. With hundreds of flavors, there’s a candy everyone can enjoy. Find a boutique or order online at

HBX sticker. HBX is the digital learning arm of the Harvard Business School. HBX offers online certificate programs that focus on real-world problem solving and active learning. A full list of course offerings is just a click away. Visit

Rimowa Toronto.  In our “Destination Inspiration” feature you will spot Rimowa’s sleek, light-weight Topas carry-on. With your Rimowa pen and luggage sticker, write down your dream vacation spot and tag @rt.rimowatoronto on Instagram. #OnlyWaytoTravel

WeWork Canada mobile sticker. With locations in 56 cities worldwide, WeWork is one of the  largest chain of co-working spaces on the planet. In Toronto, there is a location on Richmond Street West with a second coming to Bloor Street East. These inclusive co-working spaces foster community and creative culture for entrepreneurs. For info and locations visit

BumbleBizz tote. BumbleBizz is a new mode of bumble app  that allows for professional networking. Make queen bee career moves, expand your network and become the CEO your parents wanted you to marry. Download at

Event attendees were also treated to print copies of Curated Life Magazine Issue 4. You can now access the digital version of this issue for free by clicking the link below.

If you are interested in attending one of our events, be sure to follow us on Instagram @curatedlifeca to be the first to see our event announcements. Our signature MASTERCLASS series will resume January 2018.

Cupcakes + Conversations: Celebrating One Year of CuratedLife

Our amazing panelists & MC. [left to right] Hayla Amini, Jade Janelle, Emily Antflick, Alyssa Bertram & Mary Young.

Our amazing panelists & MC. [left to right] Hayla Amini, Jade Janelle, Emily Antflick, Alyssa Bertram & Mary Young.

Last year when I launched my Curated Life project, I chose to fulfill the one of my biggest but least-likely-to-come-true dreams. It was intimidating because I had no industry connections and not a lot of experience since most of my career was spent in a completely different sector. I was afraid of failing. But, every time I thought I should just quit and go back to my quiet, comfortable life there was always an encouraging word from a Curated Life follower or a sign that pushed me to keep going. Now that we’ve reached this one year milestone together, I can truly say the struggle was all worth it.

We're all set to begin...

We're all set to begin...

On Friday, there was so much to celebrate. Within a year, we have built a community of millennial women entrepreneurs who support each other and connected them to community resources through 6 events (3 of which were at capacity). We built connections with Canadian and women-owned businesses through in-kind sponsorships of our gift bags that were distributed at each event. We also launched a print/digital magazine as a platform to further share the inspirational stories of these entrepreneurs. This November marks the launch of our second issue which features the story of Aurora James (founder of Brother Veilles), profiles of women who are using creativity to innovate and our Boss Babe gift guide by Veri Chic with Chy. (Side note: mail delivery/pick up for pre-orders will be arranged soon. The issue will be available for sale on December 2nd).

We were also celebrating the accomplishments of our amazing panelists. Mary Young, who was our first master class speaker and a contributor to our first issue, celebrated her first major collaborations with Apple Canada and the Peace Collective (And she’s so humble, I still remember how she helped us haul tables up a set of stairs at the first class). Hayla Amini, one of our very first gift bag sponsors, celebrated a successfully transitioning Flashionistas from a retail business to a provider of event activations and collaboration with TOPSHOP for the Bobbyball. Emily Antflick, our July master class speaker, celebrated the launch of Shecosystem’s new space and receiving a Start Up Canada grant. And Alyssa Bertram, our September master class speaker, celebrated two successful brand events and transitioning easy. from a part-time to a full-time business.

With over 90 guests in attendance, this was our biggest event yet! Our panel discussion was led by Miranda McKie, President of Young Women in Business-Toronto chapter. Miranda is a Master Data Governance Professional by day, but also believes in the importance of breaking down barriers for women and helping them succeed in their careers through her work with YWiB. The panelist discussed what ignited the spark to start their own businesses and what keeps them motivated. We also discussed if there is or isn’t a formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur. As well as challenges specific to being a young woman entrepreneur and how they overcame these challenges.

Blogger, Jade Janelle provided her voice as our MC for the rest of the evening. In addition to the panel, we had a brief presentation from a new project called, which will be showcasing the best local businesses in Toronto over the next few months. And heard the start-up story of Shiva Burnett, co-founder of Avazera. As one of our first gift bag sponsors last November, Avazera has always been supportive of our mission to empower young women. This year, Avazera was not only a vendor at our event, but also a patron of the second issue of Curated Life magazine (along with Dr. Liza Egbogah of the[fix] chiropractic+massage). And a special thanks goes out to Chyauna,, who sponsored our DJ for the night, SoWaveyy Sound (@sowaveyy).

A Sneak Peek of our panelist's gift bags. Which featured all the items below, plus extra, full-sized goodies from (A Canadian & Women-owned company)

A Sneak Peek of our panelist's gift bags. Which featured all the items below, plus extra, full-sized goodies from (A Canadian & Women-owned company)

I would also like to thank all our in-kind sponsors who contributed these amazing items for our curated gift bags:

Barreworks Class Pass, $21 CDN,

Founded in 2012, Barreworks was the first Toronto studio to specialize in ballet barre-based fitness classes. Their technique was developed by a team of local dance and fitness professionals, all dedicated to the creation of a safe, effective, and fun exercise system. With two locations, and classes 7-days a week, they're ready to welcome you to class! You can read more about Barreworks in the winter issue of the magazine.

Lipidol Overnight Face Oil, $8.97CDN, Walmart and

A great addition to your nightly beauty regime, this nourishing oil works while you sleep. It’s designed to supplement the skin’s natural oily layer, increase moisture retention and enhance overnight rejuvenation. Lightly fragranced with essential oils of Ylang-Ylang and Black Pepper, Lipidol’s overnight face oil is non-comedogenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

Joe Fresh Plum Powder Eyeshadow, $6.00CDN, Shoppers Drug Mart

Makeup doesn’t have to be complicated. You can keep it simple and still enhance your natural beauty. The Joe Fresh Beauty line is filled with products to help you master the 5-minute face without breaking the bank. Now at Shoppers Drug Mart, Joe Fresh offers a great selection of on-trend beauty products, like this pretty plum eyeshadow.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Trio (the same fragrances retail as a roller ball set for $59.00CDN,

Adding a bit more luxury our gift bags is this Marc Jacobs fragrance trio. This family of floral fragrances is fresh and feminine. The trio includes Marc Jacob’s signature scent Daisy as well as two other interpretations- Daisy Eau so Fresh and Daisy Dream.  Guests received a 1.2ml sample coffret with all three fragrances.

Pur Gum Bubble Gum, $1.69CDN,

Pur Gum is all the goodness gum should be – vegan, nut/soy-free, gluten-free, and aspartame-free. Pur Gum is naturally sweetened with xylitol, a sweetener with a low glycemic index. What makes Pur even sweeter? The company is Canadian-owned. Guests also received an offer of $10 to use on the online shop (coupon).

Sweet Spot Labs Wipettes, $11.99,

SweetSpot Labs is on a mission to refresh every woman’s shower routine and daily cleansing rituals. SweetSpot Labs recently launched a new collection of natural washes and wipes that are pH balanced for your sweet spot and good for your entire body. SweetSpot Labs products are made by women, for women and use natural ingredients to gently clean, hydrate and soften skin. Guests received a sample of the wipettes with a coupon. Our panelists received an assortment of full-sized products.

Tealeaves Jet Lag Therapy Kit, $3.80CDN,

Tealeaves is a Vancouver-based, luxury tea company. Each guest will receive the carry on essential, Jet Lag Therapy kit which contains two masterblend teas – Energy and Relax. Energy is an invigorating blend of mint, citrus, yerba maté and ginkgo biloba to help keep you focused. And Relax is a floral, caffeine-free blend to help you ease into a peaceful sleep.

Because I am familiar with the social determinants of health, I truly believe that a woman is best empowered when she is economically empowered. That is why there is a strong emphasis on women’s entrepreneurship throughout each Curated Life project. So there was no better way to celebrate our one-year market then with a pop-up market. We were so pleased to have this diverse group of vendors and are looking forward to hosting more pop-ups in the future. Please be sure to check these vendors out and support them by making a purchase if you can.


Shiva & Svetlana – Avazera ( )

Julie – Pinkfolio – (

Rachel – Q U I N S C O ( )

Monique – London Ivy Natural & Organic (

Christina – Curls & Confidence Healthy Hair Subscription Box (

Lisa – Upnorth Naturals( )

Mya – Beauty Counter (

Thu – VO2 CO (

Brittany – Fjord Life (

Tianna – Pink Princess Cosmetics (

Yuliya – Yuliya C Jewellery ( )

Mo – The Covet Lifestyle (


I’m looking forward to giving you a look into our winter issue shortly. But for now, enjoy our cover reveal below.


curated life magazine aw16 winter issue cover featuring Aurora James Toronto

Thank you again for all the support. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @curatedlifeca / #mycuratedlife to stay up-to-date on our events and publication projects.