Curated Life Magazine - Issue 4

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As we mark the second year of Curated Life magazine, I am filled with gratitude. I would like to send a special thank you to all our contributors, masterclass speakers and sponsors throughout the year. Our success would not be possible without the gift of your talents and time. A special thanks also to Magazines Canada for recognizing our publication at the 2017 Mag Grand Prix and showcasing our success story earlier this month. It is truly an honour to be so warmly welcomed into Canada’s magazine industry.


When I started this project, I could not imagine what it has now become. Curated Life Magazine is more than just paper. Our magazine is a community, an experience and a living document. Throughout these pages you will find the stories of #bossbabes like you – their struggles, triumphs, strategies and reflections. Stories that I hope inspire you to follow your own dreams and empower you to curate a life that fulfills your purpose.


This is empowered lifestyle. You’ll find that we write about facials on one page and finances on the next. This is because I believe a woman is best empowered when she is economically empowered. As millennial women, we want you to be truly confident from within; moving forward in the direction of your dreams. That’s why there is a strong emphasis on building entrepreneurial skills throughout Curated Life’s editorial and events.


In this, our Power + Influence issue, you will read about entrepreneurs who have transformed their blogs into full-time businesses, how to close Canada’s tech gender gap, and how to build “wellth”. You will be introduced to #bossbabes who are using technology to advance their business. And you will also learn how to host your own Boss Babes’ Night In and enjoy the comforts of hygge while you set your goals for the year ahead. Looking forward to seeing you again when our masterclass series resumes. Until then continue to…  

Define your Curated Life,



MASTERCLASS ft. QUINSCO & Dr. Stacy Thomas

rachelle quinsco

Rachelle Joaquin, founder of QUINSCO. Photography: @andreyaklobucar

As millennial women entrepreneurs, we often face challenges that are two-fold because we are both young and women. Generally these challenges include limited access to capital, financial literacy, business planning skills and confidence. At Curated Life, we’ve designed our signature MASTERCLASS series to specifically address these issues. During this spring’s MASTERCLASS, we focused on confidence and how it impacts your business or personal brand (because as entrepreneurs they are one in the same). 

Our featured start-up story was that of Rachelle Joaquin, founder of QUINSCO. An actuary (mathematician) by trade, Rachelle started her company as a way to foster her creative side and passion for jewelry. Feeling like an outsider in the fashion industry, Rachelle started out by only giving or selling her creations to family and friends. As she started to receive positive feedback, her confidence grew and so did her business. In addition to her start-up story, Rachelle also shared her strategies for building confidence as an entrepreneur. One strategy is the use of affirmations, “it seems silly at first, but this one small thing really helps…my favourite affirmation is, ‘I am enough’” Rachelle said. She also shared that staying true to who you are in your business is also essential. “At the end of the day, I’m not just selling jewelry, I’m selling my story.”

Our expert for the evening was Dr. Stacy Thomas, a clinical psychologist who specializes in helping people design their lives. Dr. Thomas is known for her approachable style and ability to translate research findings into practical strategies for everyday life.  At the MASTERCLASS, Dr. Thomas taught us that “confidence is the intersection of belief, not just your belief about yourself but the belief of those around you.” We learned that fear and seeking perfection can impede confidence. But focusing on prioritizing our own voice and focusing on our mission can build confidence.  Dr. Stacy led us through a discussion designed to challenge us to change fundamental assumptions about ourselves. We assessed ourselves, thinking about when we felt the most or the least confident, and why. From there we created a plan to take practical steps to boost our confidence.   

To help you along your journey, we’ve included a summary and worksheet on pages 13-15 of Curated Life Magazine Issue 3  You can also download a copy of Dr. Thomas’ resource sheet here.

curated life master class sponsors

Our gift bags have become a must-have staple at our MASTERCLASS. This spring’s gift bag features beauty and health products that can help you look and feel confident. We would like to thank each of our in-kind sponsors below for their contribution.

Got2B Volumaniac Bodifying Mousse & Hairspray: If the 90s are making a comeback, why not mousse? This mousse gives your hair extra body andaccompanying Volumaniac holding spray features 24 hour hold. Available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Nagi Raw Organic Energy Bars: From the Polish word for naked, Nagi is exactly that. These delicious energy bars are raw, organic, non-gmo, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and free of artificial preservatives. Created by health and fitness expert, Justyna Kozlowska, Nagiis nutrient-dense to help sustain an active body and a sharp mind. Made in Canada. Available in a case of 12 for $44.99CDN at

Flawless by Friday Mesmereyes Eye Mask System: These eye masks use cooling gel technology to quickly hydrate, depuff and firm the delicate skin under your eyes. Flawless by Friday was founded by Brittny Skylar, who went from growing up on a farm north of Toronto to running her own company right in the heart of the city, all before the age of 30. Mesmereyes 3-Day Eye Mask System is available for $26CDN at  

Way of WILL Sampler Set: Based here in Toronto, WILL is a modern aromatherapy system for active lifestyles. This set includes five samples: 35 Yoga Mat Spray, 42 Foot and Shoe Spray with Moisturizing Body Oils- 06 Warm Up (Nutmug + Galbanum), 05 Refresh (Basil + Black Spruce) and 07 Breather (Cedarwood+ Grapefruit).  Prices range from $19.50-$32USD. You can also receive 20% off by using the promo code CURATED20. Available at

Tealeaves Jet Lag Therapy Kit: Each guest will receive the carry on essential, Jet Lag Therapy kit which contains two masterblend teas – Energy and Relax. Energy is an invigorating blend of mint, citrus, yerba maté and ginkgo biloba to help keep you alert and focused. While Relax is a floral, caffeine-free blend to help you ease into a peaceful sleep. Available for $3.80CDN at

Schwarzkopf GLISS Oil Nutritive: Made with liquid keratin and 8 beauty oils, this hair system is designed to nourish your hair without weighing it down. Guests will receive the full-sized shampoo, conditioner and weightless oil spray. Available for $9.99CDN each at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

NEST Fragrances Eau de Parfum: This collection of fine, botany-inspired fragrances is filled with modern yet feminine florals. Each guest will receive a 8ml roll-on from the line. Available for $32CDN exclusively at

CND Creative Play Nail Lacquer: Get creative with vibrant nail colours that are perfect for your summer manicures. Guests will receive one of the following lacquers: “Poppin’ Bubbly” (champagne) or “Jammin’ Salmon” (pink). Available for $6.99CDN at

Bite Beauty: These lip products are made of natural ingredients & by hand, right here in Toronto. Guests will receive either the Matte Crème Lip Crayon in “Leche” or the Amuse Bouche Lipstick in “Liquorice” or “Chai”. Available for $28-$32CDN at

Lipidol Overnight Facial Oil: Add this to your beauty routine to help nourish and rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. Made with Ylang-Ylang and Black Pepper essential oils, it is a luxurious but affordable way to replenish your skin. Available for $9.99CDN at Walmart.

This year, our MASTERCLASS sessions will run bi-monthly from May to November. Be sure to join us for our next MASTERCLASS, July 7th, 2017 in Toronto, Canada. This MASTERCLASS will focus on financial planning for your personal life and business. The event will feature Charted Professional Accountant, Lisa Zamparo and Flawless by Friday founder, Brittny Skylar as our keynotes. Please register below. 

Cupcakes + Conversations: Celebrating One Year of CuratedLife

Our amazing panelists & MC. [left to right] Hayla Amini, Jade Janelle, Emily Antflick, Alyssa Bertram & Mary Young.

Our amazing panelists & MC. [left to right] Hayla Amini, Jade Janelle, Emily Antflick, Alyssa Bertram & Mary Young.

Last year when I launched my Curated Life project, I chose to fulfill the one of my biggest but least-likely-to-come-true dreams. It was intimidating because I had no industry connections and not a lot of experience since most of my career was spent in a completely different sector. I was afraid of failing. But, every time I thought I should just quit and go back to my quiet, comfortable life there was always an encouraging word from a Curated Life follower or a sign that pushed me to keep going. Now that we’ve reached this one year milestone together, I can truly say the struggle was all worth it.

We're all set to begin...

We're all set to begin...

On Friday, there was so much to celebrate. Within a year, we have built a community of millennial women entrepreneurs who support each other and connected them to community resources through 6 events (3 of which were at capacity). We built connections with Canadian and women-owned businesses through in-kind sponsorships of our gift bags that were distributed at each event. We also launched a print/digital magazine as a platform to further share the inspirational stories of these entrepreneurs. This November marks the launch of our second issue which features the story of Aurora James (founder of Brother Veilles), profiles of women who are using creativity to innovate and our Boss Babe gift guide by Veri Chic with Chy. (Side note: mail delivery/pick up for pre-orders will be arranged soon. The issue will be available for sale on December 2nd).

We were also celebrating the accomplishments of our amazing panelists. Mary Young, who was our first master class speaker and a contributor to our first issue, celebrated her first major collaborations with Apple Canada and the Peace Collective (And she’s so humble, I still remember how she helped us haul tables up a set of stairs at the first class). Hayla Amini, one of our very first gift bag sponsors, celebrated a successfully transitioning Flashionistas from a retail business to a provider of event activations and collaboration with TOPSHOP for the Bobbyball. Emily Antflick, our July master class speaker, celebrated the launch of Shecosystem’s new space and receiving a Start Up Canada grant. And Alyssa Bertram, our September master class speaker, celebrated two successful brand events and transitioning easy. from a part-time to a full-time business.

With over 90 guests in attendance, this was our biggest event yet! Our panel discussion was led by Miranda McKie, President of Young Women in Business-Toronto chapter. Miranda is a Master Data Governance Professional by day, but also believes in the importance of breaking down barriers for women and helping them succeed in their careers through her work with YWiB. The panelist discussed what ignited the spark to start their own businesses and what keeps them motivated. We also discussed if there is or isn’t a formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur. As well as challenges specific to being a young woman entrepreneur and how they overcame these challenges.

Blogger, Jade Janelle provided her voice as our MC for the rest of the evening. In addition to the panel, we had a brief presentation from a new project called, which will be showcasing the best local businesses in Toronto over the next few months. And heard the start-up story of Shiva Burnett, co-founder of Avazera. As one of our first gift bag sponsors last November, Avazera has always been supportive of our mission to empower young women. This year, Avazera was not only a vendor at our event, but also a patron of the second issue of Curated Life magazine (along with Dr. Liza Egbogah of the[fix] chiropractic+massage). And a special thanks goes out to Chyauna,, who sponsored our DJ for the night, SoWaveyy Sound (@sowaveyy).

A Sneak Peek of our panelist's gift bags. Which featured all the items below, plus extra, full-sized goodies from (A Canadian & Women-owned company)

A Sneak Peek of our panelist's gift bags. Which featured all the items below, plus extra, full-sized goodies from (A Canadian & Women-owned company)

I would also like to thank all our in-kind sponsors who contributed these amazing items for our curated gift bags:

Barreworks Class Pass, $21 CDN,

Founded in 2012, Barreworks was the first Toronto studio to specialize in ballet barre-based fitness classes. Their technique was developed by a team of local dance and fitness professionals, all dedicated to the creation of a safe, effective, and fun exercise system. With two locations, and classes 7-days a week, they're ready to welcome you to class! You can read more about Barreworks in the winter issue of the magazine.

Lipidol Overnight Face Oil, $8.97CDN, Walmart and

A great addition to your nightly beauty regime, this nourishing oil works while you sleep. It’s designed to supplement the skin’s natural oily layer, increase moisture retention and enhance overnight rejuvenation. Lightly fragranced with essential oils of Ylang-Ylang and Black Pepper, Lipidol’s overnight face oil is non-comedogenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

Joe Fresh Plum Powder Eyeshadow, $6.00CDN, Shoppers Drug Mart

Makeup doesn’t have to be complicated. You can keep it simple and still enhance your natural beauty. The Joe Fresh Beauty line is filled with products to help you master the 5-minute face without breaking the bank. Now at Shoppers Drug Mart, Joe Fresh offers a great selection of on-trend beauty products, like this pretty plum eyeshadow.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Trio (the same fragrances retail as a roller ball set for $59.00CDN,

Adding a bit more luxury our gift bags is this Marc Jacobs fragrance trio. This family of floral fragrances is fresh and feminine. The trio includes Marc Jacob’s signature scent Daisy as well as two other interpretations- Daisy Eau so Fresh and Daisy Dream.  Guests received a 1.2ml sample coffret with all three fragrances.

Pur Gum Bubble Gum, $1.69CDN,

Pur Gum is all the goodness gum should be – vegan, nut/soy-free, gluten-free, and aspartame-free. Pur Gum is naturally sweetened with xylitol, a sweetener with a low glycemic index. What makes Pur even sweeter? The company is Canadian-owned. Guests also received an offer of $10 to use on the online shop (coupon).

Sweet Spot Labs Wipettes, $11.99,

SweetSpot Labs is on a mission to refresh every woman’s shower routine and daily cleansing rituals. SweetSpot Labs recently launched a new collection of natural washes and wipes that are pH balanced for your sweet spot and good for your entire body. SweetSpot Labs products are made by women, for women and use natural ingredients to gently clean, hydrate and soften skin. Guests received a sample of the wipettes with a coupon. Our panelists received an assortment of full-sized products.

Tealeaves Jet Lag Therapy Kit, $3.80CDN,

Tealeaves is a Vancouver-based, luxury tea company. Each guest will receive the carry on essential, Jet Lag Therapy kit which contains two masterblend teas – Energy and Relax. Energy is an invigorating blend of mint, citrus, yerba maté and ginkgo biloba to help keep you focused. And Relax is a floral, caffeine-free blend to help you ease into a peaceful sleep.

Because I am familiar with the social determinants of health, I truly believe that a woman is best empowered when she is economically empowered. That is why there is a strong emphasis on women’s entrepreneurship throughout each Curated Life project. So there was no better way to celebrate our one-year market then with a pop-up market. We were so pleased to have this diverse group of vendors and are looking forward to hosting more pop-ups in the future. Please be sure to check these vendors out and support them by making a purchase if you can.


Shiva & Svetlana – Avazera ( )

Julie – Pinkfolio – (

Rachel – Q U I N S C O ( )

Monique – London Ivy Natural & Organic (

Christina – Curls & Confidence Healthy Hair Subscription Box (

Lisa – Upnorth Naturals( )

Mya – Beauty Counter (

Thu – VO2 CO (

Brittany – Fjord Life (

Tianna – Pink Princess Cosmetics (

Yuliya – Yuliya C Jewellery ( )

Mo – The Covet Lifestyle (


I’m looking forward to giving you a look into our winter issue shortly. But for now, enjoy our cover reveal below.


curated life magazine aw16 winter issue cover featuring Aurora James Toronto

Thank you again for all the support. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @curatedlifeca / #mycuratedlife to stay up-to-date on our events and publication projects.

MASTERCLASS ft. easy period

Alyssa Bertram, founder of easy period ( 

Alyssa Bertram, founder of easy period ( 

It’s a new season. For me, September has always been the month when I set my goals for the year ahead.  I begin this process my examining my purpose and my intentions. In terms of this venture, my intention is to grow Curated Life into a platform that will allow us to learn from each other’s journey. In doing so, I knew that it would be important for us to connect face-to-face through our MASTERCLASS event series.  It’s been almost a year since the launch of Curated Life and I am so grateful to see this dream come alive.

September’s event focused on best practices to get your business or brand noticed online. To begin, we were joined by Taylor Aplas and John Yoo of Brainstation Toronto. During their presentation, Taylor and John offered advice from which social media platforms to join to a brief introduction on Search Engine Marketing. Brainstation is a global leader in technology training that offers courses in coding, marketing, product management and UX & UI design.  Brainstation offers relevant full-time or part-time courses taught by established digital leaders. Brainstation is currently offering us a discount on part-time courses and weekend seminars. Enter the promo code CURATEDLIFE50 when you register or email us for details if you are interested.  You can learn more about Brainstation and their course offerings here: 

Refreshments provided by JuleChu Lifestyle

Refreshments provided by JuleChu Lifestyle

Our featured start-up story of the month was shared by Alyssa Bertram, the founder of Easy Period: a subscription service that delivers organic feminine hygiene products directly to your door. Alyssa came up with her business idea after wishing her tampons would magically appear and never run out. “An idea isn’t a business plan…,” Alyssa said, “you have to put your ideas to work…And you have to be honest with yourself about who you are, what you are passionate about and what you are going to do with that.”

A defining moment in Alyssa’s journey was centered on her mother’s health and recovery.  This experience led Alyssa to researching the nasty chemicals often found in mainstream feminine hygiene products. Alyssa decided to ensure that her company would provide healthier options to women and destigmatize periods; empowering women locally and abroad. “It was important for me to couple this indulgent service of having organic products delivered to your door with a conscious lens,” Alyssa explained. As a result, Easy Period donates 5% of profits to ZanaAfrica Foundation, a non-profit that delivers pads and health education to girls in Kenya.

But the journey from idea to launch wasn’t an easy one. Alyssa shared a few of the challenges she faced with her start-up among the group. Giving advice to others in the room she said, “Barriers are going to come. I feel like [barriers] are there to test you to see if you really want to start a business…it’s a test of your character.”  You can learn more about Alyssa’s company at

Now that we’re nearing our one year anniversary, it’s clear that our gift bags have become a must-have staple at each event. The gift bags are made possible solely by our generous in-kind sponsors. When curating the gift bags, I try to find sponsors that reflect the message of Curated Life. Such items are usually produced locally, created by a female entrepreneur or has some socially conscious element. This month’s gift bag had a bit of each: 

Curated Life's signature event gift bags with samples from our in-kind sponsors

Curated Life's signature event gift bags with samples from our in-kind sponsors

1.       Sephora Collection Luxe False Lash (provided by Sephora Canada)

As one of the most powerful beauty retailers in the world, Sephora frequently uses its influence to buoy emerging brands and support women-owned brands like Kate Von D, Bobbi Brown, Briogeo and many more. This month Sephora contributed luxe false lashes from their signature collection. These lashes are designed to add fullness and length to your lashes. The material is soft and flexible so it fits to your eye shape easily. The lashes come in an attractive and durable case for storage. With proper care, these lashes can be worn up to 30 times. These lashes are exclusively available at Sephora for $21CDN. 

2.       Toronto Popcorn Company

Established by husband and wife, Joseph and Caramhel Villegas, Toronto Popcorn Company has quickly become a main attraction at Kensington Market. With over 100 flavours of gourmet popcorn, from classic caramel to cupcake, it is a foodie paradise. Toronto Popcorn Company has generously supplied grab bags as a perfect take-home snack. To find out more about their popcorn, check out

3.       Upnorth Naturals

Canadian and female-founded, Upnorth Naturals is a natural hair care line for curly-textured hair. Upnorth Naturals generously provided samples of their 8 –oil blend for dry hair. This oil blend contains coconut, avocado, lavender, neem, grapeseed, jojoba, rosemary and sandalwood oils. The blend can be used as a pre-shampoo hot oil treatment or as a styling product. The full sized product can be purchased directly from Upnorth Naturals for $14.99CDN here,

4.       Vo Bath Citrine Lotion Body Scrub

Another local and female-founded brand, Vo Bath & Co., a natural and luxurious bath and body company from Toronto. Vo Bath & Co. specializes in creating unique formulations using plant-based ingredients and science. Vo Bath & Co. provided samples of their Citrine lotion body scrubs for this event. This 3-in-1 product, works to exfoliate, moisturize and cleanse the skin. While the aroma of the grapefruit, tangerine and lemon essential oils waken and stimulate the mind. More details about this amazing product can be found here. The full-sized product retails for $42CDN on their website,

5.       Tealeaves – Assorted Tea Master-blend Bags

Tealeaves, a Canadian company, is served in the best hotels around the world.  Tealeaves offers an assortment of master-blend whole leaf teas. Each blend is packaged in a convenient pyramid tea bag for easy enjoyment. Flavours include Organic Earl Grey with Lavender, Vanilla Rooibos and Monsoon Chai. Learn more here,

 6.       The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay

The Body Shop was established by OG Girl Boss, Anita Roddick, in 1976. Her vision was to use her business as a force of good – there wasn’t a name for it back then, but that business model is called “social enterprise”. This year the brand renewed this commitment by announcing their mission to “Enrich, Not Exploit,” making it one of the most recognizable and innovative conscious beauty brands. MASTERCLASS attendees received The Body Shop’s Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay. This clay uses the power of charcoal to draw out impurities from the skin. Use this clay as part of your at-home spa experience to help de-stress and rejuvenate your senses. This clay is available at The Body Shop for $24CDN or online here.

7.       Access Community Capital Fund (info card)

Access Community Capital Fund is a Canadian registered-charity that provides micro-loans up to $5000 for individuals looking to elevate their standard of living through entrepreneurship. Access Community Capital Fund can be found online at

8.       Futurpreneur Canada (brochure)

Futurpreneur Canada is the only national, non-profit organization that provides financing, mentoring and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18-39. Their internationally recognized mentoring program hand matches young entrepreneurs with a business expert from a network of more than 2,800 volunteer mentors. You can find out more about Futurpreneur Canada’s mentorship program and other amazing resources at

9.       Curated Life Magazine (post card)

Curated Life magazine is something I dreamed of putting together for years. I filled notebook after notebook with ideas, before mustering enough courage to begin the work. In this publication, I hope to capture the essence of the supportive sisterhood of our Curated Life events in a way that could be shared online and in print. We are currently preparing our second issue. Until then you can continue to read and download digital spring issue for free here.

Below are a few more photos from the event. You can also follow our journey by following @curatedlifeca or using the hashtag #mycuratedlife on Instagram and Twitter. If you missed this event, don’t worry. MASTERCLASS events are now bi-monthly.  Save the date for Friday, November 18th, 2016. If you’re interested in learning how you can sponsor an event or advertise in the magazine, feel free to email hello @  

Curated Life Spring Launch Celebration

In May 2016 we celebrated the launch of Curated Life magazine at Her Majesty's Pleasure in Toronto, Canada. The event was attended by recording artist, Liz Loughrey, CEO of the[fix], Dr. Liza Egbogah , blogger/image consultant Tara Leydon and members of the Peace Collective.

Last Friday, we celebrated the launch of Curated Life magazine at Her Majesty’s Pleasure with Toronto influencers and our community supporters. The event was attended by recording artist, Liz Loughrey, CEO of the[fix], Dr. Liza Egbogah , blogger/image consultant Tara Leydon and members of the Peace Collective.  The event also marked the upcoming season of MASTERCLASS events which will resume in July. For those who haven’t heard of the venue, Her Majesty’s Pleasure is a beautiful salon/spa and cocktail bar located in the King West Village of Toronto, Canada. 


Just before the long weekend, it was the perfect time to pamper our guests with a complimentary nail polish change. Guests also enjoyed decadent cupcakes from our second-time sponsor, the Bakeshoppe. Like all Curated Life events, the launch provided a networking experience for millennial women entrepreneurs and professionals. Guests in attendance were also able to view the first copies of Curated Life magazine. If you were not able to attend the event and would like to purchase a hard copy, you can do so here. Most of the price covers the cost of printing, but $5 from every copy sold will help fund editorial projects for our second issue.

After the event, each guest was treated to a complimentary gift bag stuffed with these items courtesy of our in-kind sponsors:

Tealeaves Jet Lag Therapy Kit

A carry on essential, the Jet Lag Therapy kit contains two masterblend teas – Energy and Relax. Energy is an invigorating blend of mint, citrus, yerba maté and ginkgo biloba to help keep you focused. And Relax is a floral, caffeine-free blend to help you ease into a peaceful sleep. 

Tealeaves 10 Whole Lead Pyramid Teabag Sampler

This sampler is a collection of Tealeaves’ top 10 masterblend whole leaf teas. Each blend is packaged in a convenient pyramid tea bag for easy enjoyment. The sampler includes flavours like Organic Earl Grey with Lavender, Vanilla Rooibos and Monsoon Chai.  

Toronto Popcorn Company

Established by husband and wife, Joseph and Caramhel Villegas, Toronto Popcorn Company has quickly become a main attraction at Kensington Market. With over 100 flavours of gourmet popcorn, from classic caramel to cupcake, it is a foodie paradise. Toronto Popcorn Company has generously supplied grab bags as a perfect take-home snack. 

Pura Botanicals Overnight Watermelon Mask

Glowing skin is always in season. Try this ultra-hydrating overnight mask made with all-natural ingredients. It contains watermelon extract to brighten and nourish with vitamin C, neroli to increase skin elasticity, all-natural silk peptide and aloe to soothe your skin.  

Pura Botanicals Neroli Eye Ritual

Made with a blend of botanical humectants like rosehip, lavender and aloe vera, this Neroli Eye Ritual is an overnight beauty must-have. The ritual works to hydrates your delicate under eye tissue and to minimize puffiness. And the full-size ritual is packaged in a roller-ball for easy application. 

My Daughter Fragrances – Bloom 23 & Joyful

There is so much to love about this fragrance brand.  Inspired by a mother’s love for her daughter, each perfume is created in France and bottled by the owner’s family in Alberta, Canada. It is a more natural perfume, free of the harmful chemicals found in mainstream fragrances. Bloom 23 is a blend of regal gardenia, jasmine, ylang ylang and vanilla. And Joyfull is a blend of orange flower, lime blossom, rose, jasmine and sandalwood. 

Flashionista Jewelry Tattoo

Flashionistas is a Canadian line of temporary metallic tattoos you can wear as jewelry. Easy to apply and completely waterproof, these jewelry tattoos are the perfect accessory for the summer! You can even order custom designs for yourself or an upcoming event. (psst! they're on sale!! Use promo code "shiptome" for free shipping).

Here are a few more photos from the event taken by Customatic

Our next event will be held in July 2016. Be sure to follow us @curatedlifeca on Instagram/Twitter for updates. See you soon!