Curated Life Magazine - Issue 3

Photo: Rachel Pangilinan / @sincerelyimage

Photo: Rachel Pangilinan / @sincerelyimage

It’s a new season. This time of year has always been a symbol of renewal and hope. We find ourselves dreaming more and doing practical things like cleaning and reorganizing. For example, when I decided to live a “curated life,” one of the first things I did was overhaul my closet. This simple act, made me realize that I could no longer hold on to the past and a stagnant life. I craved change and entrepreneurship brought me that change.

In my experience, entrepreneurship is similar to a metamorphosis. Dr. Maya Angelou wrote, "We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty." And I find these words to be so true. We all know entrepreneurship isn’t easy. It takes confidence to pursue the opportunities we dream of and even more courage to create these opportunities for ourselves.

When I launched Curated Life, I chose to fulfill the one of my biggest but least-likely-to-come-true dreams. It was intimidating because I had no industry connections and most of my career was spent in a completely different sector. I was so afraid of failing. But with every event and every issue of Curated Life, boss babes like you have shared similar experiences. We’ve all had to overcome our fears and focus on the love we have for our budding businesses. We have to learn to be confident and move forward in the direction of our goals.

In this issue, you will learn about the importance of self-confidence, building a brilliant brand and strategies for funding your own start-up. You’ll be introduced to boss babes from across Canada and have an insider’s look at our MASTERCLASS events. It is my hope that this issue leaves you feeling more empowered and informed. You can download a free copy of issue 3 here. Grab a cup of tea, face mask and enjoy!