Curating your life means carefully choosing what you allow to shape your identity, atmosphere, relationships and sense of well-being. It is about realizing your worth and making choices that uphold your worth. You live full of hope for your future and curate your present life accordingly. In essence, it is a lifestyle of empowerment. As illustrated by social determinants of health, a woman is best empowered when she is economically empowered; that’s why there is a strong emphasis on women’s entrepreneurship throughout each Curated Life project.

Throughout 2016, will host an event series called, MASTERCLASS. Through the MASTERCLASS series, attendees will be connected to a community of peers and the resources required to start and/or grow a prosperous business.

Each MASTERCLASS will address an area of weakness faced by millennial women entrepreneurs. According to research, millennial women entrepreneurs face unique set of challenges due to being both young and women. These challenges include lack of confidence, lack of financial literacy, limited access to capital and difficulty with business planning.  For recaps of our past events, please click here.

As an extension of the MASTERCLASS series, Curated Life will also publish a lifestyle magazine. Filled with inspirational and informative content, the magazine will feature business advice written for millennial women entrepreneurs by millennial women entrepreneurs. Read the inaugural issue for free here.

JuleChu Lifestyle is a lifestyle curator with a mission to create empowering lifestyle events and media content for millennial women. In addition to the Curated Life project, JuleChu Lifestyle’s business activities include:

  • Digital Content Development & Social Media Strategy
  • Event Design, Management & Sponsorship
  • Scientific Knowledge Translation
  • Writing Consultant Services